100% Digital Lab, only intraoral scans...

SKYN Digital Lab

SKYN Lab is our foundation !

A new concept in dental labs, fully digital, no models, no impressions, the only 100% digital lab in the world as of today ! (We do not have an analog division fading out, it never existed). Based on a high quality milling using our exclusive strategies in partnership with Millbox from Italy, SKYN Concept can mill ceramics as minimal as 0.2mm of thickness if needed. Extending the array of milling brands our goal is to offer you the most high quality veneers and crowns using our Supernatural tooth morphology which translates into natural dentition morphology enhanced by our experts offering a more acceptable thus more “perfect” harmony in our smile designs. Once certified, all you need to send us is 1 photo, 1 video and the complete intraoral scans. Optionally you can also send a simple 2D smile design or a scan of a direct skyn mockup, we must find the best midline (face and smile) and include the patient to choose their smile style through our Supernatural Model Kit. Turnover time is extremely short and our prices are highly competitive due to our precision after milling allowing our production to be extremely easy and fast. High quality ceramics over teeth or implants as well as our design department for your motivational mockup or our exclusive M.E.D. mockup, a full mouth upper and lower mockup for extensive oral rehabilitation prior to our temporaries and de-programing phase. Function & Aeshthetics are never separate in our daily routine ! Get certified (mandatory) and start to work with a state-of-the-art REAL digital lab.

Are you a Lab ? Want to become a SKYN Certified Lab ? Want to join our Designers Team ? Contact and let's talk !

Send the initial digital documentation: 1 photo, 1 video and complete intraoral scans ( note: no stone models, no analog impressions, no scanned models are accepted )

A complete design/project will be done from your mandatory information, complete if you desire by adding 2D smile designs, direct SKYN Mockup or even a 3D digital STL design of your own, we will follow your information as accurate as possible redesigning it and adapting to our platform !

Receive a STL file or a 3D printed model

Once we design your case, we will send you a STL for approval, once approved, we will send you the final STL file ready to be printed or if you wish, we will print your 3D project and send it to you through your selected shipping method, your project is ready for the test-drive !

Test-drive is OK, send us the intraoral prep scan, now just wait for the final ceramics !

If no changes are necessary in your project, just perform the preparation, quality control using our SKYN Prep-Check protocol with your intraoral scanner and send the final scans of your prep's. We will mill with our proprietary milling strategies allowing us to reach 0.2mm of thickness or we can send you the final STL's so you can mill it yourself ! Ready for the next case ?