SKYN Education Centres are found in 19 locations around the globe.

With different profiles and structure each Education Centre can offer different types of courses, all of
them will have structure for Theoretical, Hands-On sessions and Live Patient Demonstration. In selected
ones, SKYN Live Patient Experience will offer a local patient where you perform the full case under our
supervision with our local SKYN Lab support in 24 hours turnaround time. Specific clinical programs in
several areas are also offered as well as leadership & management, marketing, psychology and
different related areas that will help you to improve in fields usually not found in dental oriented
courses. Check in our Education Search Engine the nearest SKYN Education Center or the coolest place
to be, learn, enjoy and apply our concept immediately.


SKYN Concept team is committed to teach you in every way we can, nothing hidden, no tricks, nothing pre-prepared, no TV Kitchen
style, all transparent in front of your eyes ! Our concept will help you to find the perfect balance between doing it yourself &
outsourcing to enjoy immediate benefits !


Through a condensed program and super focused in enhancing your performance, we make sure you learn it all. We share our
digital content and you will have time to ask on a one-to-one basis during our programs. We respect your own pace and your
knowledge level, always have in mind that you are a dentist not necessarily a high tech expert.


Science meets social life and fun… We select places and social programs that will offer education combined with joy, either a nice
cold beer to cheers for life as well as a good shisha or an Acai juice with Guarana powder ! Come and join our community and
discover WHY our courses are different in every way, no words will explain this feeling, you must come and experience yourself !

Education, education and education... the only way !