Our team is a dynamic group that grows on a daily basis, from course participants to dental experts in each field, SKYN Concept is made of people where technology is our tool to improve dentistry for dentists, lab technicians and specially your patients.

… SKYN Concept ?

“… a predictable workflow in design, plan and production to achieve high quality results on a scalable profile with unlimited natural morphology… ”



SKYN Concept is a “philosophy of work” in the field of dentistry.

Leaded by a Smile Designer and Architect, Livio Yoshinaga and a Dentist, Smile Designer & Technician, Dr. Fabricio Guarnieri, the group from Brasil has an endless challenge to develop workflows bringing simplicity, predictability and top quality reducing the turnaround time to complete all tasks. Based in Digital Dentistry, SKYN Concept was born from Digital Intraoral Scanners (IOS) replacing analog impressions, digital articulators for a full function study and planning and a dedicated digital library of natural morphology in order to mill/3D print “almost perfect” ceramics. Besides the clinical and lab workflows, SKYN also brings to the equation Psychology and Architecture in order to help dentists to design and offer the best experience for their patients from the time they call the office to the moment of final cementation. Education is the first step through our official certification program, hands-on sessions and live patient demonstration as well as live patient experience where you perform a full case under our supervision in one of our global SKYN Education Centres. Private and group consulting are also available to bring this philosophy to your own practice where our specialists will design and train your team in all needed areas. SKYN Lab completes the structure where you will find a 100% digital lab workflow delivering 3D designs (STL’s, *.dxd, etc), case planning and final ceramics besides orthodontics and implants in the digital field.

Join our family and find in our international community an interactive group to help your business with the aid of CAD/CAM/CAE. Check our international map and select where you will start this journey, SKYN Concept is made of simple people with you in our mind, we hope to see you in our next SKYN Certification course, cheers…

For us, a new smile means...

Designing Smiles means meeting Aesthetics & Function... means changing lives... means understanding our patients needs and expectations... designing smiles means changing the path of both dentists and patients... At SKYN Concept, we teach (SKYN Education Center), we help you to implement (SKYN Consultants) and we also do it for you at any stage you feel the need... (SKYN Lab)

We teach you so you can Do-it-yourself, regardless of your clinical or technical skills we are here to help you through different programs in our SKYN Educational Centers throughout the world.  From a basic certification to a deep 1 to 1 clinical supervision in your own office, SKYN Education Center is the best place to start your digital journey as well as to improve and revisit your clinical and technical skills.  (Note:  Different countries may offer different programs)

Sometimes you want to implement new ideas immediately, you feel you found the way you want to work and How your office must be… SKYN Consulting is the shortest and secure way to implement the changes…

Like a personal digital guru, SKYN Concept can design private consultation or find you a group that is interested in sharing the same goals.  In any case, this is the way to go if you want to bring this new concept to a custom project and train “in-loco” yourself and your team.  All consulting services are designed to your needs, do not hesitate in checking what we can do for you in the field of dentistry.  From architecture to clinical training as well as digital implementation where we bring you from analog dentistry to the most advanced stage in digital dentistry.

A huge impact in dental laboratories… digital dentistry is the present and most of the existing labs cannot just turn digital in 24 hours.  This is why we created SKYN Digital Lab where you can outsource everything while you are learning and implementing your digital transition.  Outsource your designs, milling, 3D printing as well as get a 2nd opinion in your case planning.  Our SKYN Digital Labs are present in several countries and all connected to our SKYN Educational Centers.  Become a SKYN Certified professional and check for yourself Why SKYN Digital Labs are different.  Accuracy, turnaround time and predictability through an innovative dentist to lab communication platform.  No matter where you are, our Labs can help you in your first digital case.  Outsource to your confort level and experience digital dentistry at its highest quality.

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